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Journey of




the intersection of the corporate and the mystical.  It’s been a 25-year journey to get here; pleased to meet you!

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Traveling Chameleon



My journey has been a colourful and a non-linear one, a rocket-ship ride of diverse professional opportunities that propelled me into new industries across various continents. I have run an enterprising Management Company in the Food & Beverage sector operating in the USA and Caribbean.  For over a decade I was immersed in the world of professional football in Europe, organising international friendlies, tournaments and pre-season training camps for top tier football teams; before returning to the UK as an advisor to a portfolio of luxury brands, accelerating their projects, and creating tangible value out of their ‘blue sky’ thinking.  All this has left me highly experienced, multi-disciplined, and fluent in four languages.

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de Luz


The one constant during this exciting and productive period was my fascination with, and appreciation for wisdom from the natural world and sacred realms.  It was rapidly apparent that this wisdom was completely absent from the one-dimensional professional worlds I'd been revolving in. It was time to listen to my heart.

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I haven’t always been a corporate high-achiever, or had it easy.  I’ve known rock bottom too and the subsequent devastation that hitting it has on health, motivation and finances.  It took a bed-bound epiphany that only I could be my own liberator that propelled me to change my mindset and my life. Overnight I started addressing my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs, and I’ve never looked back. Life is now a continual delight for me. I live by a litany of L’s; live, love, laugh and learn.  I feel vibrantly healthy, excited, curious, and very ready to share my experience, intuition and insight to help support you in creating the life that you love.  

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People are my passion. I believe in lighting up every possbility for humanity, that our mission is one of unity and self-love, and that we are here to remember that we are whole, unique, connected to each other and this beautiful earth. By tuning into our hearts, acknowledging our own sovereignty, and living in perpetual gratitude, we create the change we desire, not only in our personal circumstances but in the world around us.

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Vida Sana


So, after my decades of acumen acquisition, I have arrived, fully 'owning’ my soul essence and have created the concept of The Vida Sana; a lifestyle, state of mind and way of being that brings balance & beauty to the mind, body, spirit & soul.  I am delighted to bring real value to the people I work with through my fusion of wisdom from the natural world and my multifaceted business skills. I love to create exquisite events and environments that inspire and empower transformation, and it is a complete joy to see clients' increased well-being, new commercial successes, and to watch them flourish both professionally and personally. I also believe that the boardroom would be better placed around a ceremonial fire!

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Life Lover


Life lover, truth seeker, wisdom weaver, beauty walker, way shower...

Serendipity manifester passionate about nature, travel and adventure, I enjoy everyday miracles and bringing the sacred into the ordinary. I do my best to live my life in grace and gratitude, and walk harmlessly on this earth.  These days, when not working on diverse and interesting projects, you will generally find me getting purposely lost in nature somewhere, sat around a fire, or letting my creativity flow in a myriad of ways, be it in the kitchen trying to make a “naughty” recipe healthy, or with a brush or pen and a blank page.


Much Love,

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